We finally have some video, and Geraldine isn’t doing herself any favors.

As hinted at above, I think she digs herself deeper by saying the only reason she was chosen in 1984 was because of her gender. I’m sure she didn’t say that at the time. In fact, I’m sure she probably attacked those who suggested it.

And frankly, her feelings on what happened in 1984 have little bearing on the racial and gender dynamics of a contest 24 years later. So to use this specious reasoning now to defend herself seems to be a pretty transparent ploy.

Also, did you note her comment at the very end? She’ll raise money for Obama only if he quits making these “horrendous attacks at me”? Pfft…yeah Geraldine, you and your money raising juggernaut…

I think he’ll stick to his 1,000,000 internet contributors.

Politics Video: Ferraro Defends Herself