Won’t someone, somewhere, please say something nice about John McCain? Someone? Anyone?

Out of his last 20 blog posts, conservative blogger Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse, has used about a third to attack Barack Obama. A few to attack both Democrats. One to criticize McCain. And the number of pro-McCain posts? Zero.

Anyone who spends much time zipping around the blogosphere finds the same kind of thing at conservative and right-of-center blogs: all Obama, all the time. Any air time not filled by Obama is filled by Hillary.

And McCain? The GOP candidate? You remember, the war hero guy? Kind of short, like a lot of pilots? White hair? Can’t raise his arms as a consequence of the torture he suffered? Remember?

Cue the crickets.

Roll that tumbleweed.

It’s more than merely the fact that it’s more fun to attack than defend. There’s scarcely a word about McCain. It’s a black hole out there. A void. A vacuum. A nullity.

You know why? The right wing hates McCain. Out of loyalty to their party they’re trying hard not to talk much about how they hate McCain, but they hate him. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion they hate him much more than they hate Obama. So we get these ludicrous attacks on Obama. These desperate nothingburger broadsides.

We’re watching the right try to convince itself that it hates Obama more than it hates McCain. They have to psych themselves up, elevate the hate, in order to steel themselves for the sickening task of voting for the despised John McCain. So we get this eerie McCain blackout. And the anti-Obama frenzy.

Won’t work. You can’t win an election by pretending your own candidate doesn’t exist. You can’t win by trying to convince yourself you hate the other guy more.

But keep trying, guys. I enjoy the smell of desperation. Mmmm. Like perfume.

Politics McCain. Invisible?