When the caucus votes are FINALLY tallied, that’s the probably outcome.

From NPR:

[…] one-third of the 193 delegates at stake this week were not awarded by the primary but by the caucuses held after the polls were closed. A record 4 million voters showed up for the primary, and a record 1.1 million also stayed for the caucuses at more than 8,000 sites around the Lone Star state. And in these caucuses, Obama won handily.

They call this hybrid the “Texas Two-Step,” and it’s had its fans and critics since invented in 1988. But this year it’s really going to cause some howling.

The Texas Democratic Party says Obama’s wider caucus margin will probably give him a 37-30 break in the delegates allocated from the caucuses. The primary had almost twice that many delegates at stake, but Clinton’s primary margin there was much narrower. So when the two steps are all done, the projection is for Obama to emerge with 98 delegates to Clinton’s 95.

So it’ll be kind of like Nevada, right? Where she claimed a win, but he won more delegates? I’m sure the Obama camp will be completely fine with that.

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