I guess that’s the solution they’re coming up with because the DNC won’t give them any money.

From TIME:

A solution to the growing controversy over Florida’s disputed Democratic primary may now be in the works. Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson tells NEWSWEEK he has spoken to the Florida Democratic Party about launching a soft-money fund-raising campaign for the benefit of a new mail-in primary, which would supercede the controversial Jan. 29 vote.

Nelson, who spoke on the phone Friday afternoon as he was boarding a plane from Washington, D.C., to Jacksonville, Fla., for the weekend, was not forthcoming with specifics in terms of who will be approached for donations (as a senator, he is specifically forbidden from raising soft-money donations), or the timing of the new primary. The senator was, however, clearly frustrated over waiting for other people to fix the problem. “My job is clear,” Nelson says. “It’s to stand up for the right of Floridians to vote as intended.”

So Michigan may have caucuses and Florida may have a mail-in revote? I don’t think this is what Hillary had in mind when her camp started to agree with redoing these contests. Either way, this primary season is beyond screwed up. The DNC should be ashamed of themselves, as should Michigan and Florida.

And Dems wonder why Bush has been a two-term president?

Take a look people…this is your party.

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