With around 39% precincts reporting, the political world is wondering when the other 61% come in.

TPM has the answer (emphasis mine):

Eric Kleefeld called down to Texas, and the Democratic Party tells him, in so many words, that the caucus reporting was voluntary.

Precincts were not required to report results to the state party, but they set up a voluntary reporting system so that the media would have results to report. Nice of them, no? […]

We’re told not to expect too much more in the way of caucus returns. Sort of makes sense. If you were going to comply with the “voluntary program,” you probably would have done so by now.

Hahahahaha…jeezus h…

Still, if the numbers hold up in Obama’s favor, here’s what that means for the delegate math…again from TPM:

On the assumption that the current results coming from all around the state represent a decent cross-section of the state as a whole, and that all the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama district delegates show up to their conventions in their proper proportions, we can make an educated guess.

Give or take, Obama would get 37 delegates to Hillary’s 30 delegates, netting Obama a +3 delegate advantage for the combined Texas prima-caucus. “This is believed to be a good sample of what’s available throughout the state,” Nieto said. “And if this trend continues, one could estimate that.”

Bottom line: Hillary’s overall gain for March 4, which had 370 total delegates up for grabs, will be about +8.

But again, who knows if we’ll ever get a full tally from the Texas caucuses.

More as it develops…

Politics Still Waiting For Texas Democratic Caucus Results?