Yet another sign that the Democrats will handily out-raise their opponents. Because while this haul is impressive, it’s a safe bet that Obama is going to eclipse his January total of $36M.

From Politico:

A Clinton advisor confirmed the figure, which is enough to suggest that money won’t be an obstacle to Clinton’s campaign going forward — though Clinton is still being heavily outspent by Barack Obama and his labor allies in Texas and Ohio. The surge has been fueled largely online contributions that Clinton has said are coming in to the tune of $1 million a day.

Top Clinton aides are expected formally release the figure on a conference call with reporters and fundraisers this afternoon. Tommorrow is the last day of the month, and the advisor said the campaign has taken in nearly $35 million already.

Another aide said more details will be made public on the 3 p.m. call.

I guess we’ll find out more soon.

Business Clinton Raises $35M In Feburary