I had that thought on Thursday after I heard Blitzer asks it at the very end of the debate (which happened to be the most watched in cable history). Because it’s not just a question being asked now, it’s a conversation I’ve been having repeatedly with many I talk to about the Dem candidates. In fact, as I was watching the debate at my gym, somebody asked me the “Obama as VP” question far before Blitzer had asked it. That’s how much it’s in the collective zeitgeist right now…strangers are asking each other.

So I think it’s obvious why this could really end up hurting Barack. Most Hillary voters are convinced he simply isn’t experienced enough for the job, and of that number there are probably 10% who really want to vote for him but haven’t yet been given that one last reason to push them towards Obama. And when they heard that question on Thursday night (or the next morning in the papers) I think it’s reasonable to assume that this solidified their thought that Barack could get the on-the-job training as Hillary’s 2nd in command, and then, after 8 years, he’d be an amazing candidate. You know, after he’s an insider…

Here’s the bottom line about the VP thing. If Obama gets the nomination, asking Hillary to be VP wouldn’t be a very wise choice. She does nothing but drive his negatives up. He’d do much better to get an older guy (Joe Biden? Chris Dodd? Bill Richardson?) to help him with the foreign policy voter. If Hillary gets the nom, Obama is an obvious choice for her because he has the potential to bring with him all the new voters he’s been bringing in. He’d also be a fundraising juggernaut. Also, people like me may reconsider not voting for Hillary because the game is changed at that point. Especially if McCain goes with somebody like Huckabee for VP.

In any event, have you heard similar things out there when talking with Dems?

There’s one other reason why I think Barack might be in trouble…Hugh Hewitt thinks he’s a lock.

Politics Is “Obama As VP” Question Hurting?