Let me say, for the record, that I like PoliGazette’s Michael van der Galien a lot. He’s an incredibly nice guy and I appreciate his contributions to the moderate blogosphere. However, he’s batting 0 for 2 today.

First he made the very thin accusation that the media thinks Obama is a Saint (with a capital S). I responded to that here.

Now he’s suggesting that Michael Steele, a guy who has been elected only once to a secondary state office, should be the VP pick for the eventual Republican nominee.

What’s even more disappointing is the reasoning…

Aside from that, it would also send a clear signal to the African-American community: conservatives aren’t racists. If you’re black, but talented, you too will be taken seriously and you too can become their party’s leader. Aside from that, it’ll be difficult for Obama (or Clinton) to play, as Jimmie explains, identity politics with a black VP.

I seriously can’t think of two worse reasons than those. Make Steele the VP so Repubs have racial insulation? Frankly, I think Steele would have a BIG problem if he heard that’s why van der Galien wants him for VP.

To be fair, Michael does come up with some more reasons but they’re just as thin…

Steele is a solid politician, with a good, conservative background, which will probably give many conservative voters the idea that Romney is truly one of them (I’m not saying I agree with his policies). […]

Most importantly though, Steele is simply a good politician. John McCain too should consider picking him as his running mate if he were to win the nomination, especially considering the fact that McCain is very old, whereas Steele is young enough to take over after him (same for Romney of course).

Solid politician? Good politician? Hmm…

I posted the following comment over at PoliGazette…

Steele? Really? The guy is one of the lightest of the lightweights out there. To explain…

First, his resume as a leader is as a lieutenant governor for ONE term. Second, that election wasn’t exactly the hardest in the world for him because he was picked as a running mate by the gubernatorial candidate (i.e. a VP position) and faced a very easy contest due to the outgoing Dem governor’s personal peccadillos. Third, when he ran for the Senate on his own he proved he couldn’t win it. Last, he’s presently just a fundraiser and a pundit, which is what he was before his only term as an elected official.

But just to be clear…THIS is the guy you want to be a heartbeat away from the top spot? And you have a problem with Obama’s experience?

Also, let’s look at the national scene. If Romney gets the nod, he’ll need somebody to shore up his foreign policy resume. Steele ain’t it. If McCain gets the nods, he’ll need somebody to shore up his economic policy resume. Steele still ain’t it.

Yes folks, Steele is WAY underqualified for the VP position and if anybody is playing identity politics at this point it’s unfortunately van der Galien and the blogger he linked to.

Better luck tomorrow Michael.

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