I know some of you commented in “>my post the other day that you were following the campaign’s line that a recount wasn’t necessary.

Well, over at one of the biggest pro-Paul blogs, Daily Paul, they don’t hold the same opinion…

According to the official letter that Albert Howard signed, the cost is $55,600 for the recount of approximately 240,000 ballots.

The Secretary of State must receive the money in the form of a certified check by 3 PM tomorrow January the 15th.

Go to http://grannywarrior.chip… to donate. We need a major effort of all to raise this money by the deadline.

Spread the word, blog about it, send e-mails , get on the phone, do everything you can to make this happen.

When we have come this far, don’t leave us hanging…

I trust you do your best.

So far they’ve raised about $19K. Impressive numbers, but is ANY of it going to the recount effort? Because according to this story, the recount is on.

What the hell is going on?

Politics Ron Paul Supporters Funding New Hampshire Recount?