I don’t usually post about spin doctors, but this is different.

You see, a certain Arkansas governor succeeded in ’92 because he had a very skilled campaign guru by the name of James Carville on his side. Obviously it wasn’t the only reason, but it was a big one. And now another Arkansas governor has his Carville…in the form of Ed Rollins.

Mike Huckabee just got real real:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A veteran Republican strategist considered by many the architect of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide election victory is set to take the helm of Mike Huckabee’s surging presidential bid, CNN has learned.

Ed Rollins — the longtime GOP strategist who worked in the Reagan White House, ran former Sen. Jack Kemp’s 1988 White House run, and played a key role in Ross Perot’s 1992 presidential bid — will be formally named Huckabee’s national campaign chairman later Friday at an event in New Hampshire.

Rollins told CNN’s John King that over the last several months he has become “more and more impressed by the day” with Huckabee.

Who knows, maybe Rollins doesn’t have his finger on the pulse. Maybe he doesn’t know what’s going on right now. But something tells me he’s going to help Huckabee navigate the GOP mine fields and will help the governor turn his campaign into a much more populist movement.

The rise of real compassionate conservatism is upon us.

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