Politico reports today that everything is ready for launch.


Didn’t they need to raise $350,000? That’s what they were originally asking for. And if you look at their site, they have just around $200,000 raised right now.

Here’s the only answer from the FAQ section that comes close to answering my question…

The original budget called for $350k to support the blimp. Since then other ideas such as a spot light truck, remote controlled “pace car” blimps to follow, and paid staff to support the program have all been added. What is the financial impact to the original $350k plan?

Great question! We will be selling advertising space/time indefinitely. We hope to fund this advertisement until inauguration day!

And here’s a plead on the front page for funds by midnight tonight…

We must receive $200,000 in sponsorships by midnight on Friday for the blimp to be in Boston by December 15th!!! Please sponsor the Ron Paul Blimp Tour now!

So does this mean that all they need is $200,000 to get the thing launched and then they’re going to keep raising money to keep it going the full month? If so, done. They’re there.

But I still don’t know. Can anybody explain what’s going on with this thing?

Okay, as expected, the $200K was a down payment, but they still have to raise the rest for it to stay up for month.

Thanks to the commenters for the info.

Politics Is The Ron Paul Blimp Actually Going To Fly?