There it is folks, and it looks like it won’t be the second contest, but the third. Wyoming snuck in there because New Hampshire has this silly law in its constitution that it has to be 7 days before the next primary. However, Wyoming is a caucus, so New Hampshire is technically still the first primary.

Got all that? No, neither do I really, but it’s coming on like Donkey Kong anyway.

Politico has the rest of the announced list:

Jan. 3 — Iowa caucuses

Jan. 5 — Wyoming GOP caucuses

Jan. 8 — New Hampshire primary

Jan. 15 — Michigan primary

Jan. 19 — Nevada caucuses

Jan. 19 — South Carolina Republican primary

Jan. 26 — South Carolina Democratic primary

Jan. 29 — Florida primary

And then there’s Maine on Feb 2nd and then…drum roll…on Feb 5th…french horns…the showdown to end all showdowns…cue the chorus….it’s Super Tuesday!!!!!!!

So yeah, this is traditionally where it’s all decided, if it hasn’t been decided before now. And it should be decided…at least on the Democrats’ side. Barack or Hillary will most likely pull ahead and become the favorite at that point. And at this point, I really don’t know who it could be.

However, the Republicans have two very strong front runners and no clear favorite. And what if Huckabee pulls off a surprise in Iowa? That could create the kind of momentum that money couldn’t buy. But what it could buy is the type of unity the Republicans are seeking because if they have no clear front runner, maybe having to nominate somebody who doesn’t have the full support of the party will make them work even harder to try and earn it. Maybe it could help reshape the party.

Or maybe not.

If nothing else, it all should be very interesting.

Politics New Hampshire Sets Jan. 8 Primary Date