Shaun Mullen points to a growing trend among Republicans, brought about by the spectre of permanent minority status.

From TMV:

A politician knows he has a problem when his own children warn him that they might vote against him.

That is what happened to Representative Bob Inglis of South Carolina, who like President Bush and most of his Republican peers has been skeptical about global warming despite mounting evidence that the planet is in crisis because of rising carbon dioxide levels and temperatures from greenhouse gases and other substantially man-made factors.

Inglis learned that the political winds might be shifting not on Capitol Hill but back home when his eldest son, Robert Jr., 22, told him that he’d better “clean up his act on the environment.”

Me, I’ve always been baffled at the GOP’s skepticism about global warming. Well, not baffled, but disappointed by the lack of consistency. Because their “firepower and free markets” philosophy is very much faith based, and yet they reject the huge, flashing signs that global warming is real on the other hand?

And I’d argue that our reliance on fossil fuels has been a large reason why we find ourselves in this War on Terrorism. So if we treat our environmental issues like they’re national defense issues and have another space race to find sustainable green technologies, maybe we kill two birds with one stone? Maybe billions that go to creating bigger and badder bombs can be put to better use?

Here’s the thing, I think it’s pretty clear that the only way we get 100% screwed is if global warming exists and we don’t do anything about it. There won’t be any free markets at that point. If we address it and it doesn’t exist, the worst that can happen is we go into a massive global recession, but have sustainable green technologies that wean us off of fossil fuels. The recession part would suck, but the other option is complete destruction of our planet. I know which one I’m in favor of.

In any event, it’s nice to see that some in the GOP are opening their eyes to what’s going on. Let’s hope more wake up soon.

Science/Environment GOPers Finally Waking Up To Global Warming