Good morning all. I spoke with a reporter last week about Voxant’s content/advertising solution, and she included us in the story. And while I cringe at her characterization of Donklephant being nearly unknown in the blog world. when you compare our traffic to the popular sites in the blogosphere, well, it’s not exactly untrue.

Still, we make up for it in personality. 😀

You can’t read the whole thing because it’s for subscribers only, but here’s the part we’re in…

In the blog world, is nearly unknown. But that hasn’t stopped the political Web site from getting advertisements from the likes of AT&T , Alamo Rent A Car and Netflix . The ads, which pepper the site, run next to full-length stories from major news organizations including the Associated Press, United Press International and McClatchy.

Donklephant gets both the news items and the ads from a closely held company called Voxant, which is one of the bigger players in an important segment: the business of helping both news organizations and big Web advertisers gain a presence on small sites that are influential among niche audiences.

Several Web firms broker the distribution of news on the Internet, but most focus on getting that content onto sites with heavy traffic such as or Voxant, by contrast, offers news videos, text and photos from major outlets such as the AP and the British Broadcasting Corp. to nearly 14,000 small Web sites. Nearly all of these small sites have registered fewer than half a million visitors since they started. Donklephant says it has had only 40,000 visitors this month. (That makes the site too small to have its monthly traffic measured by firms like comScore).

In other news, we’re working on a redesign of the site with Hyperbole Design. It should be done by Christmas and I think you’ll really like it because it’ll transform the blog from a place where people post stuff to a place you’ll want to come every morning to find out the latest about politics from all angles. I’ll have more on that soon.

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