Florida moved up its primary to January 29th. The DNC’s response? They can’t send any delegates to the convention!

From Politico:

Florida will lose all its delegates to the Democratic National Convention unless the state moves its primary from Jan. 29 to Feb. 5, the Democratic Party decided Saturday.

While the one-week change may seem trivial to outsiders, the decision by the party’s powerful Rules and Bylaws Committee was seen as a crucial test of party power and discipline.

As several states continue to elbow each other to go earlier and earlier in the 2008 presidential calendar, the Democratic National Committee decided to draw a line in the sand and say “enough.”

How in the hell does that make sense? Florida is usually one of THE swing states. Doesn’t it make sense for it to be a deciding factor for the Dem nomination?

…shaking my head…

Honestly, this is why primaries need to rotate. Do some type of lottery where every state gets to go first at some point.

And did you know that the whole New Hampshire paradigm is based on nothing more than state law? That’s right. New Hampshire actually has a law on their books that states they have to be first…but none of us got to vote on that in 1977.

Time for a change folks.

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