The former Democratic Senator from Georgia is making noise…

“It’s a possibility, not a probability,” said Nunn, now the head of a nonprofit organization out to reduce the threat posed by nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry. “My own thinking is, it may be a time for the country to say, ‘Timeout. The two-party system has served us well, historically, but it’s not serving us now.'”

The 68-year-old former senator, still considered one of the foremost experts on national security, confirmed that he’s discussed a presidential run as part of several conversations with Michael Bloomberg, the New York mayor.

More important, Nunn said he’s been in touch with Unity ’08, a group with a goal of fielding a bipartisan or independent ticket for president. Initial talks began with Hamilton Jordan, a co-founder of Unity ’08 and former chief of staff to President Jimmy Carter.

Doug Bailey, a Republican strategist and another co-founder, said Nunn was given “a more detailed briefing” from the group this summer.

Seriously, though, Nunn isn’t a superstar and nobody except Mrs. Nunn really cares whether or not he’s going to join the national stage again.

That not to say that his message wouldn’t be persuasive, but he better start soon. Because even if he does have Unity ’08 on his side, what does that mean? He’ll be able to get on the ballot in 50 states and not have anybody vote for him?

And to that point…

Nunn said he’s not likely to make up his mind until next year, probably after the early rush of presidential primaries have produced de facto nominees for both parties. He said the decision will depend largely on what he hears from the current candidates. The only certainty, he said, is that he won’t be anybody’s candidate for vice president.

That’ll be too late for somebody without star power. Bloomberg could pull it off, but Nunn can’t. The best he can hope to be is a VP pick if he plans to start that late. At least if he wants to win.

And if he doesn’t want to win, well, he should try and take Unity’s ground forces and have fun criss crossing the country talking about how things need to change. Because that’s all it’ll be…talk.

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