From Newsweek:

Jan. 22, 2007 issue – Intel director John Negroponte gave Congress a sobering assessment last week of the continued threats from groups like Al Qaeda and Hizbullah. But even gloomier comments came from Henry Crumpton, the outgoing State Department terror coordinator. An ex-CIA operative, Crumpton told NEWSWEEK that a worldwide surge in Islamic radicalism has worsened recently, increasing the number of potential terrorists and setting back U.S. efforts in the terror war. “Certainly, we haven’t made any progress,” said Crumpton. “In fact, we’ve lost ground.” He cites Iraq as a factor; the war has fueled resentment against the United States.

The only way we can win a war against a tactic is by winning hearts and minds. We have to show the world that we’re better than them. We’re not going to do that by continuing to fight a war which many feel has been invalidated by deception, torture and hyper-partisan politics.

Listen, we succeeded in liberating Iraq from Saddam and setting up a fledgling democracy. But now it’s up to Iraq to figure out what democracy means to them. And remember, Iraq is an artificially created country. If it needs to split up, then it’s going to happen. We can’t continue to try and hold it together with our blood and treasure.

Bush tells us that if we leave Iraq now we’re going to invite attacks against us. Well, I’m sorry, but how many of you think he has any credibility when it comes to telling us about foreign policy? More terrorists in the Middle East does not make the US less safe. The US in the middle of a religiously motivated civil war does make us less safe and puts a big fat target on our country. We get out of there, we secure our borders, we secure our ports…we become more safe.

Let’s get out now before it comes back to bite us in the ass.

Politics Another Reason To Get Out Of Iraq