This actually makes sense, the more you read it.

What one Republican strategist called “a marriage of convenience� has developed between Mrs. Clinton and the Bush White House. Republicans, flailing for a handhold as they approach this year’s Congressional elections, would like to make Mrs. Clinton the face of the Democratic Party. And Mrs. Clinton, who has eagerly engaged the Republican attacks, would apparently like that, too.

“It’s a rare confluence where both sides think it’s in their interest to pump up Hillary,â€Â? said U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner of Brooklyn. “Politics in 2006 is the politics of personification …. They need their bogeywoman.â€Â?

Under this theory, the Republicans need Mrs. Clinton to distract and scare conservatives disappointed by rising federal spending and disillusioned by the Iraq war. And Democrats�at least those who want Mrs. Clinton to be President�get to see their candidate rise above the messy intramural battles and go toe-to-toe with the President of the United States.

Politics One Way to Look at It