At least not today, says the AP.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Karl Rove won’t be indicted Friday as prosecutors and his lawyers try to resolve questions in the CIA leak investigation, two people close to Rove told The Associated Press. The White House still braced for an indictment against another top aide.

In discussions Thursday, Rove’s lawyer was told by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald’s office that investigators had not completed their investigation into Rove’s conduct in the case and they would continue investigating, the people said, speaking only on condition of anonymity because of grand jury secrecy.

Rove’s lawyers were told there still were matters to resolve before the prosecutor “decides what he is going to do, so Mr. Rove will not be indicted today,” one of the people said.

And hey, if the guy didn’t do anything wrong, then he shouldn’t be indicted. I think two years is plenty of time to determine if a crime was committed or not. But it still seems like it’s a wait and see game.

My prediction: Rove will eventually walk.

Here’s more.

When the investigation began two years ago, a White House spokesman checked with Rove and Libby, then assured the public that neither was involved in leaking Plame’s identity.

In the past month, it was revealed that Libby spoke to New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who says their conversations included Plame’s CIA status.

Rove’s legal problems stem in part from the fact that he failed initially to disclose to prosecutors a conversation in which he told Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper that Plame worked for the CIA. The president’s top political adviser says the conversation slipped his mind.

I still don’t really buy this “I forgot” defense, because it would have been VERY easy to search through his emails to find the conversation with Matt Cooper. However, if the Fitzgerald is satisfied, that’s good enough for me.

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