This blog by a reporter in Mississippi in the inner circle of hurricane hell is well worth a visit. Note particularly his response to Michael Moore’s “open letter” to President Bush, basically taunting and blaming him for everything:

My name is Josh Norman. I am a reporter with the SunHerald of Biloxi, Mississippi. Last Sunday and Monday, I was in Biloxi when the eye of Hurricane Katrina passed over my head as a category 4.

It was terrifying.

Immediately after the storm, I went out and reported on the disaster. I met families destroyed, saw neighborhoods reduced to their concrete foundations, smelled death and dispair and heard the disbelief roll off of everyone’s toungue. Disaster, perhaps, is therefore not strong enough of a word.

What will be a disaster is a divided and bickering nation.

I appreciate your work, Mr. Moore. I understand your viewpoint. I have voted democrat across the board since I started voting ten years ago. I could very easily be described as a liberal too … I was in the Peace Corps for Christ’s sake.

But I do not feel that now is the time to berate Bush. Now is not the time to bring him down a peg. He may be pathetic, he may be barely able to actually help, but any help he can get down this way is desperately needed. By causing him to divert energies to defend his frequently spotty record people who attack him are diverting his energies away from here.

And, I feel like you and others who attack him are diverting your energies away from here too. This disaster is about people. It’s about the mother who came home from work and found her baby and husband had drowned in her living room. It’s about the casino janitor who came home and found his daughter’s baby photos missing – his house had been reduced to a slab – much the same way Hurricane Camille had done to his baby photos. It’s about the firemen who had to swim out of their fire station, had their homes leveled, and are still working 20-hour days, 7 days a week.

We need help here. Now. Listening to the political bashing, frankly, makes me concerned. I know Bush did wrong. I know there was a major fuck up. Now is not the time for finding of what that fuck up was.

Have you spent as much time helping the people of South Mississippi and Louisiana get clothing, medicine, food and water as you have figuring out what Bush did wrong?

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