I have noted here before the unrest in Haiti. Saturday, there were more killings there, this time in the Port-au-Prince slum of Martissant. This time it was “hooded police and individuals with machetes” attacking “bandits” with machetes.

“Everybody gathered to watch the [soccer] game, suddenly the police surrounded the area and ordered everyone to lie on the ground,” said Roland Roy, a community leader in Martissant.

“Then a group of people, armed with machetes, who came with the police, started identifying people one by one, saying here is a bandit, here is another one. They cut them with machetes and killed a number of them,” said Roy. He said up to 30 people died, some shot by police.

This time, the UN says it will investigate.

The head of a U.N. human rights unit, Thierry Faggart, said his office was also investigating the incident and several other cases of human rights abuses blamed on police.

Is there a pattern developing?

Dozens of people have been hacked to death in vigilante justice that often accompanies police operations in slums regarded as strongholds of support for [ousted President Jean-Bertrand] Aristide.

Reuters: U.N. to investigate Haiti slum lynchings

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