It looks like the Christopher Walken for President site was the work of a couple of pranksters on the General Mayhem message board.

Posted by Gabbo
we can always try again later, after this has all died down, and perhaps use a less [screwy] servername.

Posted by sct
Its amazing it got this far. Maybe it will pull through if we are lucky

Posted by Massive_gas
no, there are too many jackass bloggers snooping around trying to debunk it
the most we’ll probably get is a short article saying that the forum devised a fake presidential campaign and fooled some fans

My apologies for helping spread this rumor, but it seemed weird and cool enough that it could possibly be true.

UPDATE: 12:18 a.m. August 16, 2005
Rizzn talked with Christopher Walken’s publicist and she said the story was false.

I spoke with Mara Buxbaum at ID PR today; Mara is Christopher Walken’s publicist. She said that she’s been innundated with calls all day about Christopher Walken’s ‘bid for public office,’ but she did in fact confirm that the site is a hoax.

“Mr. Walken has no intentions for public office,� said Buxbaum. “Perhaps one of his fans got a little excited seeing him play Secretary Cleary with presidential aspirations in Wedding Crashers.�

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