What a shocker.

From The Washington Times:

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times reported that Judge Roberts had performed pro bono legal work to help a homosexual rights group win one of the most significant Supreme Court cases on homosexuality. The 1996 decision in Romer v. Evans ruled unconstitutional a voter-approved constitutional amendment that barred municipalities from granting homosexuals a protected class under civil rights laws.

But White House supporters said yesterday the hysteria over Judge Roberts’ involvement in the homosexual rights case has been fostered by liberals hoping to split the right’s support for the nominee among conservatives. “The goal of the left here was to try driving a wedge between conservatives and a nominee,” said Leonard A. Leo, a conservative lawyer working with the White House to confirm Judge Roberts. “They have failed.”

The left was trying to drive a wedge? Now, I can only speak for myself, but I was very happy to hear that Roberts helped out on an important civil rights issue that he may have not agreed with. That’s why I blogged about it.

But hey, that’s just me. I’m sure the rest of the left was trying to drive a wedge in between Roberts and the right so they wouldn’t vote for him. Oh…wait…they’re going to vote for him anyway.

Get real Leo. This rhetoric is ridiculously tired.

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