News Roundup on 2020 Apple iPhones and Other Devices to be Released This Year

You never grow tired of wanting to know what Apple Inc is up to next. The unique products and technologies the company is capable of coming up with captures everyone’s imagination. The sources busy with feeding the public the latest rumors are encouraged to send out more. Though already covered earlier, there are more confirmations coming in on the iPhones 2020. These relate to the ToF camera and the 5G connectivity options.

A Rear 3D Sensor for Mapping Distant Objects

It is almost certain that the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Max to be launched in 2020 will be fitted with a 3D Time of Flight camera within the rear camera setup. Some had earlier questioned the wisdom of having a 3D sensor in the back of the phone. The explanation for this is that this sensor will be useful in the 3D mapping of objects being focused at a distance and the accompanying augmented reality (AR) technology will boost the imaging capabilities of the iPhones. The Portrait Mode could be made to offer even superior images through the deployments of the ToF sensor and AR. The specific technology used in this would be different from the one used with the front 3D camera that does the Face ID function.

iPhone 12

Similarly, the earlier prediction on 5G connectivity being provided on all three models stands confirmed. The only doubt someone has raised is will the company then add another budget model without 5G to keep the price down?

iPads and MacBook in the Pipeline

Besides the news on the iPhones 2019 and 2020, there is also this latest development that the company plans to launch as many as 7 iPad models, in different configurations and a high-end laptop in a 16-inch size. The iPads could be released as different variants with the Wi-Fi only and LTE options and so on. These details have come from the Eurasian Economic Commission where the company has registered the models with different monikers. The launch date for these devices is being placed sometime in October.

In other news, Apple has had a mixed report for the quarter ending June 2019. While the iPhone sales numbers are down, most other devices have done well in the market thereby pushing the overall revenue to a higher level of $11.5 billion. This is an increase of 13% over the same quarter last year. The company has spoken about the Apple TV Plus and the Apple Card as well, offerings which will boost the topline growth for the next few quarters.

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