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New Windows 10 Preview Reveals Phone to PC Link

It’s no secret that Microsoft has big, big plans for Windows 10, the current installment in their world-famous computer operating system line. A new feature has just been revealed with Windows 10 build 16251, the most recent update that the OS received. And it’s an exciting one for sure, because it has to do with linking computers and smartphones together in revolutionary ways. Keep reading to find out more.

Android Only for Now

Unfortunately, this new feature is only available for Android phones for now, and we don’t know when and if it will be made accessible to iOS users as well. We hope it will, but even if it doesn’t, they’ve got their own magic kingdom of PC-to-phone links over on macOS. But let’s discuss what this new feature looks like more exactly.

In Windows 10 build 16251, you can connect your Android phone to your computer that runs this new version of the operating system and play around with something called Microsoft Apps. This process allows for a lot of amazing cross-features between your Android smartphone and your Windows 10 computer. In the future, Microsoft plans to also introduce an universal clipboard for your phone and computer, which will be another great step for this link.

Other Features

Windows 10 build 16251 also comes with another novelty, namely a new and improved Cortana. If you have Windows 10, then you’re most likely familiar with Cortana, you very own version of Siri for your computer. Well, Cortana is now even better thanks to this new update that has brought a lot of enhancements its way. One new feature is that now you will be able to view search results directly in the digital assistant screen, like Apple does with Siri.

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