New Surface Pro 7 is about to hit the market: Check out its price and specifications

New Surface Pro 7 is about to hit the market: Check out its price and specifications

With the massive success of Surface Pro 6 and Surface Go, the hype surrounding the release of Surface Pro 7 has increased manifold. With the rumors going around about all the possible projections, additions and the patents, you need to conduct a small research to know more about the hype surrounding its release.

Surface Pro 7 Possible Pricing and Release Date

There is no official release date confirmed by Microsoft about the Surface Pro 7. But it is our guess that we are probably not going to see until mid-2020 because the Surface Pro 6 launched in October 2018. We have projected this launch date after considering the time difference between all of their past releases, which is roughly 1.5 years.

As for pricing, this new model of surface pro will be in the same price range as the Surface Pro 6, which is 899 USD. As of now, the price of the Surface Pro 6 has dropped down to 799 USD. There was a 100 USD difference between the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6, so it is safe to assume there will be a hike of 100 USD in the price of Surface Pro 7. If it does come with some huge changes, we hope that it will launch with an improved pen and keyboard.

Surface Pro 7 Release date

Unique features on this device

As far as design goes, rumors suggest there is not going to be that big of a change in it. So you can expect pretty much the same design as Surface Pro 7 with few tweaks here and there. However, it is also said to be a lot lighter than its past models weighing 50 grams lesser.

As far as the hardware goes, it is rumored to be equipped with the 8th generation Intel core processor. However, there are no changes in the memory section of this new model. Although most of the products nowadays come with a type-C cable, Microsoft has not been adding such cords in their products except Surface Pro series. There is no news about the battery of this product since there is no official word from Microsoft about the Surface Pro 7.

Overall, we can say that the Surface Pro 7 is going to live up to the hype that it is getting.



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