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New Sims 5 Leak Points Towards 2019 Release Date

It’s been eighteen years since the first Sims game arrived and the franchise’s popularity among gamers has been getting bigger ever since. EA, the developer, kept on improving the Sims franchise with every new release by adding new features, improved graphics and thousands of in-game accessories such as furniture and clothing items.

On the downside of things, EA is not rushing to launch Sims 5. Even though everyone is waiting for a new Sims game to arrive, EA decided to focus on creating DLC content packs for Sims 4 instead. While the DLCs are giving fans something to do and a reason to keep playing the game, Sims 5 is what they really want.

Sims 5 Leak

Sims 4 launched back in 2014 and the game is being kept alive by DLCs. However, fans of the game are getting bored and they want another title. Knowing that EA is not one to miss out on an opportunity to generate profits, we think it’s safe to say to Sims 5 is being developed right now.


Expected Release Date

EA has made it a tradition to release a new Sims game after the current title has been active for five years. Considering that Sims 4 has been out for four years already, speculation has it that EA is planning to announce Sims 5 during 2019.

In case you didn’t know, the reason why EA waits so long between releasing new games is that DLCs are profitable. The game developer tasks a small developer team with creating new DLCs and then millions of people purchase them.

We should also mention that EA loves to use the element of surprise every time it launches a new game and this is why the company is surely developing the game in “secret”.

2019 E3

While Sims 5 details might be scarce, EA is surely going to announce the game during 2019’s E3 event. EA always holds conferences during E3, just take this year for example where EA invested lots of revenue into creating a clever marketing campaign for all its upcoming games that were announced during E3.

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  1. EA it made
    I thinks so it very bigger. But anyway I wold like Sims game series
    So I waiting for new sims 5 game.
    I think it coming soon. But I really I don’t know what the E3 event
    So EA always created nice games. But some game can’t play. Becous it resqeting highest system. But my brother have super laptop. But I always not play it’s. So ALWAYS BEST OF LUCK EA’s And You’re All’s.

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