New Sims 4 DLC Titled Discover University Found on Dutch Gaming Website

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The Sims 4 gaming community is all set to offer its fans a new expansion to the existing game. The DLC titled Discover University was found on a Dutch gaming website LiveKaarten, for sale. It is assumed that the extension is being planned as a November 2020 release.

There were various rumors regarding the content ever since rumors surfaced after Pixeldale, a YouTuber who is known for his dedication to The Sims 4, found the DLC in the retailer Target’s inventory in September this year. The reports are now believed to be true after Livekaarten has made the same available for pre-order on its website. Pixeldale has also tweeted about this on his Twitter page.

Details revealed on the website

The gaming website highlights that the DLC is intended for PC players. It also specifies that a player can download this on a computer with a 64-bit Windows 7/8/8.1/10 operating system. The computer should also have a dual-core 1.8 GHz Intel Core processor. The website also specifies the video card and graphics chipset supported, along with the RAM, hard drive and sound card requirements.

The extension is available as a pre-order from the website. Interested players have to just enter their email IDs, choose the payment mode and make the payment. When the payment is made, the digital code will be sent to the gamer’s email address directly. The website also makes it clear that the player will need an Internet connection to activate the product.

What can you expect?

Going by the cover art, you will have to equip your Sim character with school supplies. There are bound to be a lot of new outfits, items and college-themed stuff for you to explore, apart from some university-specific missions. If the extension is going to follow the same style of previous game expansions, then it will feature new traits and character paths. However, all these are just speculations for now with no confirmation about any of them.

The new expansion is also expected to allow you to also reach the worlds of your previous games such as the Strangerville world through fast travel. This will help you unravel your earlier adventures in new ways.

Discover University will mark the debut of The Sims 4 universe into the academics arena. However, the college life concept was introduced in the University Life of The Sims 3. This allowed the gamers to have an insight about higher education using a mod called Get to College. It must be noted that the open-ended gameplay of The Sims 3 was well-received by players and there are good chances of them expecting this in The Sims 4 as well.

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