New Samsung Galaxy Watch Pre-order Available

New Samsung Galaxy Watch Pre-order Available

If you were waiting for the new Galaxy Watch, now is the time to act. Samsung is running a special promotion on its website and you can grab one for a sweet price. From today to 4 October, you can order the 42 42mm variant, which comes in Midnight Black or Rose Gold, for RM 1199, or the 46mm Silver model for RM1299. If you opt for the larger variant, you will receive a free Brown or Navy-colored watch strap, which is worth RM 109. The smaller one will net you a free strap colored in either Tan (for the Midnight Black) or Phone box (Rose Gold).

Officially unveiled during the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event, the new Galaxy Watch is a breeze of fresh air in a landscape filled with generic smartwatches. Made out of military-grade steel, the device is sturdy and impressive. It was made with all seasons in mind, as an all-year device. The main point of attraction is the improved battery life, as the 46mm watch will last for an impressive 80 hours while the 42mm device will last up to 45 hours under what was described as a mixed usage regime, which made use of all the features available.

Staple features like notification, alerts and memos will be available as soon as you synchronize your phone and watch. A brand new stress management tracker will analyze your pulse and offer advice if your stress level is deemed to be too high. Samsung also packed a new sleeping tracker that can tell between the different sleep stages, allowing you to monitor your sleep patterns and how well you are able to rest during the night. Fitness features were also boosted, as Samsung 21 new exercises, bringing the total number to 39. Calorie tracking and custom notifications are also provided. By using Bixby Vision you can take a picture of your meal the watch will display the number of calories it contains.

Numerous reviewers have already received the new flagship watch with warm reviews, noting that the batty stands up to the claims and the watch has a variety of useful functions available.

Apple has also upped the ante with the new Series 4 Watch, a great improvement that also comes loaded with features. The device has been redesigned, offering a more modern look and a wealth of new color and material options. The screen size was increased, and the watch now comes in 40mm and 44mm models, with two extra mm added in contrast to the previous size. The watch is not bigger, as the size of the bezels was decreased in order to achieve the screen growth while keeping proportions.

When it comes to materials, the Series 4 is available in stainless and aluminum, while the less-popular ceramic option seems to have vanished, but certain ceramic elements are present on the new models.

Keeping up with the Galaxy Watch, the new Apple Watch offers improved health features. A new sensor allows the device to know when you fall, and if you don’t touch a notification in 1 minute, it will notify your emergency numbers.  A built-in EKG sensor is able to measure your pulse with medical precision, and the option to save and send the measurements is coming soon. If the watch spots signs of abnormal cardiac activity, it will also suggest medical advice or treatment if the threat is deemed important enough.

The only weak spot we can talk about is the battery. While the new Galaxy devices have promised extended autonomy, it seems that the new Apple watch will offer a meager 18 hours. This means that you will probably charge it during the night so there is no chance to use sleep tracking or other similar functions.

Price is also quite steep as the cheapest model starts at RM1229 for a Series 3, and the new ones are certainly set to be more expensive.

The head start Samsung has and the convenient pre-order offer are a great deal, and if you are in a search for a smartwatch and you already have a Samsung smartphone you should act while it is still available, as the offer is limited.

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