New reports place the iPad Pro 2 on a June release schedule

New reports place the iPad Pro 2 on a June release schedule

Apple brought tablets into mainstream mobile tech with the launch of the original iPad and has continued to dominate the market with its various lines of iPad iterations. One of the iPad subcategories that really caught the eye of the public was the iPad Pro, which is likely to get a new model this year. It would seem that Apple will be dropping the device referred to as the iPad Pro 2 sometime during the month of June, this year.

BGR suggests that the new iPad will see a June release and that it will come with a new design which will borrow similarities from the manufacturer’s popular flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8. While the new iPhone 8 is yet to be released or even revealed with an image of sorts for that matter, this will also serve as a sort of sneak peak of what’s to come on the smartphone frontier. Here’s what the original statement from BGR:

“The new iPad Pro rumoured to be debuting sometime this year is expected to feature a fresh new design that will serve as something of a preview for Apple’s iPhone 8 design”


As far as size is concerned, the new iPad Pro is expected to have the same screen size as the current version of the device, which is 9.7 inches. Apple has released tablets both smaller and larger in terms of display size, but 9.7 inches seems to be a fan favorite as it hits the sweet spot between big enough but not too big.


As is the case with smartphone designs as of late, this new iPad will also come with a design that will only feature the display occupying the front panel. This can also be seen in Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 flagship, and Apple’s iPhone 8 will most likely feature the same characteristic. This is great because it allows the manufacturer to stick the large display on a device without making the whole thing unnecessarily big. The trend started slowly by having devices feature smaller and smaller bezels but it has gotten to a point where now no bezel at all is the trend.


The crowd is somewhat split between reluctant Apple users that have seen way too many iterations of the iPad to let their guards down so easily and the generally excited consumers that want to see what the new iPad Pro is all about. It will be interesting to see whether this new model will manage to bring Apple back in the spotlight as today there are many devices that fight for the crown of best tablet and Apple does not dominate the market as it used to.



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