New Patent Filings from Xiaomi Show Unique Dual Front Camera Designs

Xiaomi has been known for bringing innovation in smartphone design. In 2016, they triggered the bezel-less display trend by launching their Mi Mix smartphone, which featured a screen-to-body ratio of 83.6% that wasn’t seen before. Now, in 2019, they have perfected the design with Mi Mix Alpha featuring a waterfall display wrapping around it to give an unbelievable screen-to-body ratio of 180%.

After playing with bezel-less design, it looks like the manufacturer is trying to perfect its dual front camera design in smartphones. According to new patent filings by the Chinese company, Xiaomi is researching four distinct ways to incorporate dual front cameras into a bezel-less smartphone display.

Dual Front-Facing Camera Patents Filed by Xiaomi

The first design shows a device with a curved display that has two cameras in the top left and right corners. These shooters are integrated seamlessly into thin bezels which leaves only a minor cutout from the top left and right corners of the display. These parts will be covered by a notification bar nevertheless and won’t be visible most of the time.

This design also features two rear cameras positioned vertically in the center of its back panel with an LED flash right below.

The second design is similar to the first one but is more unobtrusive with excessive rounding on all four corners of the display. This leaves space for dual front-facing shooters at the top left and right corners.

The back of this design features a traditional vertical dual-camera setup placed on the top left of the rear panel and an LED flash to its right.

The third design presents a unique way to place dual front-facing snappers without a notch or an excessively curved display. It features horns that protrude from the top left and right of the device and results in a notch-free bezel-less display design.

The rear panel has a horizontal dual-camera setup placed on the top left and an LED flash at the right.

The last design is traditional looking as it features a thick forehead which has dual front-facing cameras on either side of the forehead. The design resembles that of Pixel 4 by Google. This design may be used to implement an affordable device with two snappers that face forwards and a physical fingerprint sensor on the rear, which was not seen in other designs that could have in-display fingerprint sensors.

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