New OnePlus 6 Leak Reveals Rear Design and Vertically Arranged Sensors

OnePlus 6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones ready to take the market by storm when it gets launched. The CEO of OnePlus recently revealed some of the specifications of the smartphone and confirmed that they are working on offering the most seamless, lag-free experience possible.

While the phone is rumored to be days away from its actual launch date, the rear design of the OnePlus 6 got leaked by a tipster on Twitter. Going by the trend the company follows, this will be yet another groundbreaking flagship model which is extremely affordable at approximately $500 but will be on par with performance when compared to a Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X.

Leaked Rear Design

Based on the leaked design found on Slashleaks, the OnePlus 6 will feature a brushed aluminum design combined with vertically arranged sensors. The use of aluminum confirmed that the phone may not support wireless charging as rumored earlier. It does have dual camera setup in the rear combined with LED lights and there’s also the fingerprint sensor.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor May Not Be Used

OnePlus 6 seems to have a fingerprint sensor in the rear right below the camera. The leaked image suggests that the phone may not have an in-display fingerprint sensor as rumored earlier. The technology is still in development and yet to be implemented on a large scale. It was found only on the Vivo Apex smartphone.

oneplus 6

Hardware Specifications – OnePlus 6

The hardware specifications of the upcoming flagship model are quite impressive as it is powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 combined with a whopping 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage in the high-end variant. The device sports a 6.28-inch display and does have a top-notch inspired by the iPhone X.

In a recent announcement, the CEO of OnePlus confirmed that the top-notch will not be mandatory. A future software update will allow users to hide the notch if they find it intrusive by introducing a black bar to gain that conventional smartphone design.

There was also a recent update that a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones named Oneplus Bullets Wireless is in the making.

Expected Release Date and Pricing

OnePlus 6 is expected to be launched before the end of April based on multiple rumors but it’s not an official confirmation from the team yet. The phone is said to be priced at $600 or lesser so as to keep up with the expectations of long-time fans yet will sport the best hardware specs and performance, on par with other flagship devices.

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