New Nintendo 2DS XL Model Available with Top Features

New Nintendo 2DS XL Model Available with Top Features

Coming as a surprise, Nintendo announced that they are releasing new hardware, namely the Nintendo 2DS XL. From what we gathered until now, the big release will take place on July 28 in the US, and the device will cost $150.

As opposed to the original 2DS model, the new device goes for a clamshell look. You can play 3DS games with this system, but it lacks the 3D effect, naturally. Moreover, you can also play DS games.

2DS XL Features

The screen size will be the same as the one used for the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This one is definitely lighter, but according to the declaration issued by the company, it packs the same power of the new 3DS XL model. Moreover, it also includes NFC support for the Amiibo functionality.

Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of the American side of Nintendo, says that the addition to the portable hardware line shows that the company is committed to the hand-held games. Moreover, they chose a beautiful clamshell design, plus they balance greatly both performance and price.

Buying Options

When buying the device, you can choose between a turquoise/black color. 4Gamer reported that Japan will enjoy slightly different colors, such as orange/white. The original Nintendo 2DS was released back in 2013 and it was marketed as an entry-level device for children. It did indeed present 2 screens, but there was no clamshell hinge. The price initially was $130, but then Nintendo cut it down to $100, and further one it went lower, to $80.

This announcement is quite surprising since it comes soon after the Nintendo Switch. The Switch system was released back in March and up until now it has sold 2.74 million units. However, people still seem to be interested in the new Nintendo 2DS XL model, which is great for the company.

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