New Leak Confirms that the Surface Pro 5 Isn’t Coming

Even if you’re not particularly keen on following Microsoft device releases, you most likely still remember how the Surface Pro 4 took the world by storm in October 2015. The public was quickly taken with the new elegant device, and sales for it skyrocketed and made Microsoft quite a bit of profit. Naturally, questions regarding the next installment in the Surface Pro line quickly started to appear all across message boards and social media.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Does Not Exist

However, Microsoft have kept radio silence on the Surface Pro 5 for quite some time, and then finally declared that it’s not coming, at least not anytime soon. This was confirmed by the VP of Microsoft Devices himself, Panos Panay, in a recent interview. Panay firmly stated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 does not exist, so don’t expect a launch.

However, a device is surely being launched soon by Microsoft. In fact, the device is expected to hit the markets as soon as May 23. But it’s not the Surface Pro 5, to the general disappointment of many. However, it might still be worth your while. If we are to believe the most recent leak on the subject, which came from world-famous tipster Evan Blass himself, the Surface Pro 2-in-1 is what’s coming on May 23.

The date of May 23 has been set by Microsoft itself in a recent tweet foreshadowing an official announcement regarding a new project. And seeing as the VP put an end to Surface Pro 5 rumors and debates once and for all with that swift and cutting statement, it’s most likely the Surface Pro 2-in-1.

However, if you still want the Surface Pro 5, you’re in luck. Panay didn’t bury the idea completely. In fact, he did mention that, as soon as significantly advanced and improved hardware will be made available to them, a new device in the line might be in the books.

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