New iPhones Will Be Cheaper Due to LCD Screens

Apple is by far one of the biggest competitors on the market, in an intense competition with Samsung, and it looks like they are trying something new in order to undermine the market. Last year when the company announced the iPhone X people were excited by the host of the new feature and the sleek design of the phones, but most of them were a bit reluctant to spend one thousand dollars on a  new phone. However, it looks like the company is trying to go for a more affordable phone this year if some of the latest rumors are anything to go by.

iPhone X sold very well over the holiday season, but that does not mean that the company should only focus on releasing expensive devices from now on since that might drive away some of its customers. New rumors are coming from the Wall Street Journal points to the fact that supply chains are making more LCD screens than normal which could pinpoint that Apple is planning to use them on their next line of smartphones in order to lower the cost a bit.

iPhone Secretive Improvements

Apple is as secretive as possible. The company did not announce anything about their plan for the next line of iPhones of 2018. They only said that iPhone X was their best-selling device in the first three months of this year. However, many analysts like to think that the less expensive LCD screens will be part of the new design. Of course, the company is not shying away from using their OLED displays. Two out of the three devices set to be released this year feature OLED displays. The more affordable iPhone will come with an LCD display.

The fact that the giant tech company is asking for more LCD displays than they are for OLED displays means that they are considering the fact that fans of the brand might decide to buy the more budget-friendly smartphone rather than, the more expensive variant. Price wise, an OLED display costs about 100 dollars whereas an LCD one costs 40 dollars if you want to know the math behind the price tag difference.

This design change is undoubtedly welcomed by many fans of the brand and critics alike since it would push the company towards coming up with a new design for their smartphones, giving them a fresher look. The current design is something that we have seen for a number of years now, and we are waiting for a change.

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