New iPhone Leaks Show that Apple Abandoned Innovation

Leaks that recently surfaced show that almost nothing has changed since the launch of the iPhone X almost a year ago.

Since a high number of devices must be manufactured before the launch date, keeping hardware changes secret is almost an impossible task. If we add the fact that most if not all the software updates are available for beta testers, which can already dabble with iOS 12, tech enthusiasts can create a profile long before the device will be actually released.

What was recently tracked down is on par with previous rumors and it gives us the chance to draw a consistent profile of the new line. It would seem that Apple has avoided any major innovation, opting instead for incremental updates that improve the experience. They may not be sufficient to attract new crowds, as Android flagships released offer new and interesting functions.

iPhone X will receive a hardware update that brings faster processors, possibly more memory and the new version of iOS. The first dual-sim iDevice will also launch this year, and it is considered to be a phablet-sized device. Anew entry-level device with an LCD screen may become the new SE if it proves to be attractive enough.

Many of the hardware and design changes are already established by Android devices such as wireless charging, impressive OLED displays and the thinnest bezels you can have. It took a while for Apple to include gestures and it seems the interface took a step back with the inclusion of some elements. The focus on Apple’s own apps has also increased.

Software and other solutions have been heavily featured in financial reports and it would seem that they played a key role in the growth of the company. But increasing the use of services requires additional devices in order to make it worth it and the new iDevices will face a hard completion.

As the iPhone X was a rush job, the new X Plus model should have shipped last year. The iPhone 6 Plus was the last device that pulled crowds and it would seem that the iPhone X Plus aims to do the same. Updating the iPhone SE is unlikely, as it would turn 8 and 8 Plus into mid-range phones.

Sales were steady for several years and some believe they will remain the same. Apple tries to hang to the tried-and-true formula. This time it may take more than clever marketing in order to convince users, but it remains to be seen in September.

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