New iPhone Leak Shows Apple’s Radical Designs For the Next iPhones

Thanks to the new report from the ‘best Apple analyst on the planet,’ Ming-Chi Kuo, we can now check out the new information on Apple’s new iPhones that are going to be released this year.

There is a massive amount of information which confirms early rumors concerning the design, cameras, other features and replacements, release dates and prices.

Huge Designs

Kuo stated that Apple will release an iPhone X range this year, coming in three versions: the 5.8-inch iPhone X, a cheaper model with a 6.1-inch display, and an iPhone X Plus measuring 6.5-inches.

Cameras Might Change

Earlier this year, there were reports coming from a close source that the iPhone X Plus will come with a triple-lens camera setup. However, even if – according to Kuo – Apple intends to introduce it, they haven’t yet decided if it’s going to appear this year or in 2019.

Other Features

The budget iPhone X will have to cut some of the features, so Kuo claims that Apple will replace the OLED panel with an LCD, they will remove 3D Touch and only add a single-lens camera. Using an LCD panel will make the budget iPhone X look chunkier than the two models because it needs slightly thicker bezels.

Release Dates

Kuo stated that Apple will launch all the three new iPhones in September, and they’ll be on sale by the end of September. He also added that the budget iPhone X will enter production later than the other two models, so it might be limited for a while.

Prices and Budget Phones

Kuo said that Apple will probably go back from the $999 iPhone X price, but the most expected phone would be the budget iPhone X which will cost somewhere between $600-700. He expects that the 2017 iPhone X to be discontinued, because it won’t fit into the structure of prices of the next phones.

Kuo also explains that there is no real competitor for Apple:

“In the high-end market, Apple’s real competitor is itself, which implies that it needs to offer new models that appeal to consumers to boost replacement demands. We attribute the iPhone’s slow growth in recent years to there being no significant replacement demands boosted by new models after the iPhone 6.”

Launching a line of iPhone X models in different sizes and with different features and prices could boost the appeal. What we won’t see is the iPhone X Mini, which created quite a hype in the past!

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