New iPhone from Apple to Be Exposed in a Video Leak

New iPhone from Apple to Be Exposed in a Video Leak

According to the latest news, there won’t be two new iPhones in 2018, but three. Also, it’s been said that Apple will come with new things, such as new size and an affordable price. Sit tight and read on, because we have details on how they will feel and look.

The 9to5Mac has made models for the new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus for Apple. We can also include in this list the iPhone X with its 6.1 inches. 9to5Mac had precise dummies for the iPhone devices in the past.

They’re thinking about the needs of their clients

The great news is that the model came with a detailed scheme that was made last month and this really means that we have the most amazing news for clients that have a generous budget and for those clients who want to take care of their pockets.

If we are to look at the leading model first, we’d see that the dummy units show that Apple will have the capacity to fit the huge iPhone X Plus screen in a skeleton much bigger than the 5.5-inch of iPhone 8 Plus. All thanks to the implementation of the “bezel-less”, which was found on the iPhone X display.

When talking about money, we’ll see that the iPhone X will also give us a design with “bezel-less” for a lower price, a price that can get lower than the price of an iPhone 8.

Not long ago, Apple revealed that they had a drastic plan to remove the Lightning port. It seems that they got rid of this idea. But instead of this, clients will get free and fast wired charging.

How accurate are the dummy units?

There’s no need to say that the dummy units aren’t exactly the clear image of the iPhone X Plus and “budget” iPhone X. And they’re not going the answer the burning questions about these models. There are some risks that Apple will make with the iPhone X Plus. We’re talking about the display – and they’re taking the risk to save money. It’s also probable that the “budget” iPhone X will look a bit worse than you’d expect after seeing the dummy units.

But if we are to look at the new iPhones, which are taking care of the budget of all kinds of people, and of all the sizes of smartphones, the fact that Apple canceled its surprise iPhone X is not that much of a worry.



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