New iPhone 8 Leaks Are Here – Apple Busy With New Design Direction

Everyone expects the new iPhone 8 to be a massive hit and to brings jaw dropping features to the table. That has been the case with every iPhone launch since the first one came out, but now it seems like fans are in for a real treat. More than usually, Apple consumers will now receive a device that follows a really fresh and empowering design approach.

Apple seems to have crossed a lot of borders when making this phone and recent leaks testify in favor of this. Back in January, there have been leaks that brought the community quite a bit of info about the new device. Back then, it was nothing more than rumors. Today however, those rumors got confirmed through information discovered in Apple’s own code. More specifically, some iPhone 8 features have been confirmed in the HomePod firmware.

Innovative charging

Charging smartphones has been something that developers have been working on for a long time and there are multiple ways in which the task can be done. However, Apple’s iPhone 8 seems to be the first device that will offer both Quick Charging and Wireless Charging under the same hood. That’s great news for those that want more diversity. It’s actually a really convenient feature.

There’s a “but”

It’s going to be fantastic to have both charging methods at your disposal, but there’s just one problem.  For the wireless charging method, it has been discovered that Apple is going to use an inductive approach. This means that it won’t have the long range capabilities of the alternative approach, but there’s a reason for that. You see, if the alternative long range wireless tech would have been used for wireless charging, Apple consumers would have had a major problem on their hands. More precisely, they wouldn’t have been able to use cases that weren’t especially inductive. Those would have bumped case prices up considerably and people would have had no choice but to get them. It would have been either that or having to take off their regular case each time they wanted to charge wireless. That just takes all the convenience out of the feature and would have been incredibly counterproductive.

That being said, it would look like Apple’s new iPhone 8 is planning big things. It’s safe to assume that there are other major features coming with the device. However, until more news surface the community just has to hang on tight. The rest of the feature list for the iPhone 8 might not be that easily discovered as it’s not all spread as clues across Apple code. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the iPhone 8 in person as soon as possible, preferably sometime this year.

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