New iPad Pro News – A Bigger and Better Gadget

If you’re a tech enthusiast like us and many other out there, then you most likely know that this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference recently took place on Monday, June 5th in San Diego, California. The conference was particularly coveted all around the world because it promised to be the place where Apple reveals most of their plans for the near future. And so they did. The week before the conference, news websites and message boards were ripe with rumors and predictions on what Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2017 will reveal, and now the results are finally in.

Bigger, Better iPad Pro

Apple’s reveals were quite substantial and impressive, but for the sake of keeping it short and simple, this article will only deal with the new iPad Pro that has been presented on Monday. The new device looks just like the old iPad Pro with the 9.7-inch screen, it has the same size and same weight even. But the screen is bigger, clocking in at a whopping 10.5-inch. The difference is considerable and definitely noticeable.

How did Apple pull it off? Well, the bezels that lie at each side of the screen are smaller, for one. The screen is also incredibly modern and of the best quality. It comes with True Tone display tech which functions on environmental temperature to always deliver the best possible images, and it also refreshes at 120Hz, which is pretty spectacular.

The processor has also improved, and thus the new iPad Pro runs on the new A10X Fusion chipset, but we still don’t know how many gigs of RAM it punches to support that. We’re guessing a decent amount though, because the tablet looks and feels great. On top of that, the tablets that were displayed at WWDC ran on the new iOS 11, which Apple also revealed on Monday, and that can currently be downloaded by developers only. The new operating system comes this fall.

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