New GTA Online Halloween Update Brings Alien Survival, New Vehicles and More

New GTA Online Halloween Update Brings Alien Survival, New Vehicles and More

It’s Halloween season and many mobile and PC games are coming with Halloween modes and updates to relish the Halloween spirit. Rockstar Games has joined the bandwagon with the new GTA Online Halloween update. The update brings many new elements including Alien Warfare, new vehicles, Halloween attires, and peyote plants to GTA Online.

Alien Warfare Mode in GTA Online

The new update brings a new survival mode called the Project 4808. Similar to other survival modes in GTA Online, you can make a team of three people. The goal is to defend yourself against enemies just like any other survival mode in GTA Online.

The thing that makes the Project 4808 survival mode different from other GTA Online survival modes is that you play as aliens who are getting attacked by FIB agents along with NOOSE teams, marines and the police force. You get a laser gun for defense against the enemies and you get two times the regular amount of XP points during the event.

You also get double XP points in other modes like the Slasher, Lost versus Damned, Come Out and Play, Condemned and more.

New Vehicles Available for Purchase

Two new vehicles have been added for sale with the new update. The added vehicles are the Lurcher Hearse and the Fränken Strange. These cars can be purchased from the in-game store in GTA Online.


The Rampant Rocket car worth $925,000 has been added in the wheel at Diamond Casino. This is one of the best cars in the game with the highest acceleration rate. The Rampant Rocket is available from the wheel at the Diamond Casino till 6th November 2019.

Also, twenty new kinds of ghoulish bobbleheads have been added to your cars’ dashboards to give them a spooky vibe.

New Halloween Themed Clothes

To go along with the Halloween theme, GTA Online now has new Halloween attire for sale. You can get two shirts for free from the Diamond Casino till 6th November. There are also various sculptures and masks on sale during the event.

Many more Halloween themed attires are on sale at discounted prices for the event. You can get up to a 40% discount on some clothes.

Peyote Plant Now Added to GTA Online

Peyote Plant is an in-game item that was available in GTA 5 but was missing from GTA Online. By eating the Peyote Plant, the players can become animals for a short period. The logic behind it is that the Peyote Plant is hallucinogenic which makes you think that your consciousness is shifted to an animal. If you die in the animal form, your human body will respawn at the closest medical center and you will be awarded 5,000RP.



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