New GTA 5 Mods Add 70 Handmade Missions, Ada Wong, Map Updates and More

New GTA 5 Mods Add 70 Handmade Missions, Ada Wong, Map Updates and More

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular video games produced to date. It was released in 2013 and became an instant hit with the gaming community. Some of the reasons for its popularity were the realistic graphics, engaging gameplay, GTA Online and of course, mods.

The game was released six years ago, but the GTA 5 modding community is active and is still releasing fun GTA 5 mods. Here are some of them.



The GTA RPG mod converts the gameplay elements to that of an RPG title. You get an experience system, an extensive dialog with non-playing characters, a weapon unlock system, skills, looting and many more features that are usually seen in role playing games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy. The mod also changes the UI of the game to match RPG titles by adding skill trees and upgrade bars on the screen.

70 new missions – Alebal3 Missions Pack

GTA 5 new missions

If you like playing GTA 5 as a single-player and have completed all the missions, then this mod pack is for you. The 70 missions mod by alebal3 enables you to play the role of more than 10 characters instead of just Michael, Franklin and Trevor. The mod adds 70 new missions to the game with new elements such as sitting in cars as a passenger, accessing more interiors, hacking systems, new vehicles, opening safes and much more.

Map Updates Pack by Siprus


The Map Updates Pack by Siprus makes the Los Santos map better by adding interiors to more buildings, better collision effects to the buildings and other elements. It includes high definition textures and better level of detail to the places in GTA 5. It is a must-try if you are bored with the same old GTA 5 graphics.

Ada Wong Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil

If you have played Resident Evil, you won’t forget who Ada Wong is. She is an antihero who works with us throughout the Resident Evil games and now you can add her in GTA 5! Using the Ada Wong Resident Evil 2 Remake mod pack, you can add the Ada Wong character and choose between two different outfits with different textures. Both outfits have different hairstyles. To make the character more detailed, the creators have added hair physics as well.

Mechagodzilla and King Ghidorah Mod


Using the Mechagodzilla and Kind Ghidorah mod packs, you can add the Mechagodzilla, as well as King Ghidorah characters from Godzilla to GTA 5 for some fun. The mod is fun to play with but not as refined as the other mods on the list that we’ve seen so far.

These are some of the mods in GTA 5 that you must have if you want to try something new with the game. However, be careful while installing the mods as one mistake could lead to you reinstalling the game.



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