New Galaxy A Series Mid-Range Phones are in the Making

Samsung has been doing a great job at releasing smartphones in all sizes, shapes and price range. While Google is taking baby steps into mid-range devices with Pixel 3a and Apple is trying hard with iPhone XR, Samsung has been going great at this game for a very long time.

The company has a solid lineup which includes the Galaxy S series for top of the line, Galaxy A series for mid-range performance while the Galaxy M takes care of the entry-level models. People could actually find some great phones from the company at any price point which is how the brand managed to come a long way to compete with the likes of Apple and Google which are not just smartphone companies but rather technology giants in the Silicon Valley.

Recent updates confirmed that Samsung is working on the next Galaxy A series phones and a bunch of models are scheduled to get launched in the next few weeks. The leaked model numbers include SM-A507F, SM-A707F and SM-A907F. The models denote different variants of the A series phones which will be available in two different colors including black and white.

Galaxy A50

As there have been plenty of new launches in recent times in different colorful variants, it is obvious that black and white will not be the only choices available. The phones will have 64 GB of storage and there is another model with the number SM-A505F. It is speculated that the top of the line A series phones will provide 128 GB of storage which is usually more than enough unless you might want to wait and get a special edition with 256 GB of storage.

Samsung has been steadily building up the model numbers and introducing Galaxy A20, A50, A70 and even an A90 model is in the making. The major difference between these phones is usually the display size, resolution, OLED technology and the number of cameras used in it. Smartphones these days don’t hesitate to snap in two or three cameras in the rear side to provide DSLR quality photos.

In a recent leak, it was nearly confirmed that even Apple iPhone XI, XI Max and XIR is going the same route with a triple camera setup in the rear. The phones are expected to arrange all cameras in a squared box whereas Samsung will continue using the horizontal and vertical arrangement they use for their camera arrangement.

A budget-friendly A series phone with the codename SM-A107F is also spotted which will have 32 GB of storage and available in red, blue and black. It is expected that this will be focused on the Asian market with a much lower price tag and will also sport a MediaTek Helio P22 processor with just 2 GB of RAM.

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