New Foldable Phone from Samsung – The Company Reveals More

Since we found out that Samsung is working on its foldable device, the internet exploded. We got bombarded with rumors, possible leaks, and estimations that may or may not be accurate. Now, after quite a long period of waiting, the senior executive of the company confirmed that the phone would be launched as Samsung Galaxy F.

The CEO of Samsung Mobile Division, DJ Koh, gave this away during an event where he also mentioned that even though this device has been delayed for a few years, the technology we have now will facilitate its release and we will be the happy owners of a foldable smartphone soon.

When it comes to the phone’s specifications, Koh shared some of them as well. The foldable device will work as a phone measuring 4.6 inches when folded and a tablet measuring 7.5 inches when unfolded.

Besides its exceptional size, the phone will also be equipped with some impressive features. As a user, you will be able to perform multiple actions at once. Even though the foldable device will be available globally, it will come to each part of the world in stages.

Many of us thought that the South Korean company would start to deliver its Galaxy F devices or at least launch it by November when its developers’ conference would take place in San Francisco. However, everything was delayed so there is no longer a fixed date.

Until that is to happen, we are also keeping an eye on the Samsung Galaxy S10, the phone which will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Galaxy S series. The phone is said to come to us at the beginning of next year, and many speculate that it will come with many exciting features such as 5G capability, ultrasonic in-display reader, triple rear cameras, and many more.

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