New Emojis Available for the Latest Android O Version

While most people are interested in the fixes and performance enhancements that the new Beta version of the Android O has to offer, some of its users will have noted that there are new emojis available for use. Besides that, there are also redesigns done on the blob-style emojis. More accurately, the blobs have been completely removed in favor of the more classical round-style emojis.

Round emojis are coming back into fashion

Round emojis seem to be the more favored style as of this year, as seen by change done to the emoticons. If you want to try them out, they are available with the latest beta update on supported devices. The supported devices being the Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus Player, Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. Browsing through the emoticons list, it can be noticed that almost every single emoticon has had some change done to it at the very least, with most having been completely redesigned. Besides this, you are now able to install all the emojis found in the Emoji 5.0 Unicode catalogue.

Expanded access for everyone

The EmojiCompact has also been introduced by Google as a support library for any developer who wishes to have their applications connected to it. By this, they will have access to every emoji released regardless of the software version.

However, this does require the application developer to add the library if they want you to have access to all the emojis, and they will most likely not be available to older applications that are not so frequently updated. Luckily, there is a way to bypass this manually.

Install the Emojis yourself

If your device does not have access to Android O or you do not have applications up to date, then there is a way for you to install it yourself on Android 5.0+. The installation instructions can be found curtosy of linuxct, a Recognized XDA Contributor

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