New Controversy Sparked as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire

New Controversy Sparked as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire

Samsung’s fiery troubles are not despite all its efforts. According to a source, a woman has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that her Samsung Galaxy Note 9 started to burn in her purse.

In the lawsuit filed, Diane Chung, a real estate agent, stated that she was browsing content on her phone when it suddenly became very hot. She put the phone in her purse thinking that will be fine. Moments later, a strange nose was hard, and fumes started to come out from the purse. While she tried to pull the phone out she burned her fingers. The phone continued to burn until a witness picked it up and dumped in a bucket of water.

If the event is, in fact, true, it will certainly turn into a PR nightmare for Samsung, and this time it won’t be just the unsavory memes. In 2016 the company faced tremendous backlash after several Galaxy Notes 7 did the same thing. In one of the most notable cases, a 6-year-old was taken to the ER after the devices started to burn in his hands and a few seconds later the battery exploded. This was the first serious incident caused by the exploding battery problems. At that time, there were already at least 35 incidents formally acknowledged by Samsung. Soon the problem became so widespread that the Federal Aviation Administration formally asked people to leave the device at home.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reputation

A global recall took place and more than 2, 5 million devices were collected by Samsung and had their battery replaced. By this time, it was too late. The reputation of the device was tarnished, and many potential users avoided the device out of fear that they could be next. The fact that you couldn’t even travel by air with a device on which you spent hundreds of dollars may have influenced even diehard fans to look for alternatives in other yards.

After an investigation, it was revealed that two manufacturing issues were to blame for the unlucky events. In the first case, the battery space was too small, which force the negative electrode tips to shift their position. A bad weld spot was the second issue, and the two problems combined led to an internal short circuit.

A vigorous testing process was introduced by Samsung in order to improve consumer security and further mitigate the damage it had already received. The saddest part here is that for its time, the Note 7 was an innovative phablet that was well received by the critics. But as the internet ridiculed the device and consumer shifted their choices, the Note brand took a massive blow.

The next incarnation, Note 8, enjoyed positive reviews from most sources, which praised it as a powerful and competitive device in a market that started to become flooded as more and more devices started to appear once manufacturers realized that phablets are more than a gimmick and they sell well.

The public was not as enthusiastic, and it is thought that a least a quarter of the missed sales were caused by the controversial battery problems.

Samsung Note 9 was a promising device since it was announced, and the device was quickly embraced by the public. While the brand has become a juggernaut over the years, a new battery debacle may turn off to deliver the deathblow in the future, as more users that gave the device a second chance will look elsewhere if they think that their $1,000 could set their house of fire if they are not careful.

It remains to be seen how Samsung will respond to the charges and solve the situation. Hopefully, this is just a one-time case.



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