New Concept Video Showcases the iPhone 12 with Notch Less Display

The 2020 iPhone or the iPhone 12 is expected to have the next big design change in an iPhone since the iPhone X which introduced the notch design back in 2017. The new iPhone is reportedly going to borrow design elements from the iPhone 4 era with flat edges. The 2020 iPhone is also going to be the first iPhone with 5G support. Recently, according to leaks from multiple sources, a concept video was released on YouTube.

iPhone Design Lifecycle

Apple used to revamp the design of the iPhones every two years in the 2008 – 2009 era of iPhones. Now, the iPhones are being designed on a three-year pattern with the iPhone 6 design being used for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 as well. iPhone X brought the notch design which was used for the iPhone XS as well as the iPhone 11 series.

This leads us to believe that the next iPhone will be the start of a new design era for iPhones. The design overhaul on the 2020 iPhones have been confirmed by leaks and reputed Apple analysts.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Concept Video

The concept video that was leaked on YouTube doesn’t have the flat edge design which was revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputed Apple analyst. This is why the actual iPhone 12 will be different from the concept video. However, the video focuses on another aspect of the 2020 iPhone which might be true to design.

The biggest change that you are going to notice in the concept iPhone is the lack of the notch. Notch style display was introduced with the iPhone X which had thin bezels but needed the notch to house the Face ID components and the front camera.

The lack of a notch, however, doesn’t mean that there is no Face ID on the iPhone 12. Apple is reportedly working to reduce the size of the Face ID sensors on the iPhone and the TrueDepth 3D camera that enables Face ID to work. They are doing this in order to shrink the Face ID sensor as small as possible to be placed in the thin top bezel itself instead of going for a notch style display.

The details are not confirmed by Apple; nevertheless, the concept video shows us a realistic depiction of how the final product may look like.

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