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New Concept Renders Give More About the Samsung Galaxy S10

As Samsung Galaxy S10 trio is one of the most awaited series of phones, along with Apple’s trio of iPhones, the phone has been featured in lots of 3D concepts renders, so let’s see how the phone might look like. Waqar Khan, the designer of the image gallery and video that show the next phone’s design, has been inspiring from rumors, leaks, and other reports online since the chaos had started a couple of weeks ago.

What is new?

The Galaxy S10 Plus will sport a triple camera setup on its rear, a heart rate monitor and also the back of the phone is home to a dual-tone (dual-LED) flash unit along with a vertical arrangement of three similar lenses.

Compared to Galaxy S10 Plus, the average version looks like it has a finger screen reader in the screen close to the bottom of its display, but we only know that it will just come with a more conventional dual-camera setup. According to many reports and reliable and trustful leakers, Galaxy S10 Lite, the budget phone of the trio, will be like Galaxy S10 but without an in-display fingerprint scanner.

By the words of industry sources, at the beginning of this year they said that this type of fingerprint reader has come with a delay because of Samsung’s plan to manufacture an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which aims to boast more significant performance in both accuracy and speed, even though it is not that easy to calibrate it.


The next Android flagships will come with no chins which means that the phone will be even less thick and with a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent in the ballpark. Samsungs aims every year to be better than its main rival, Apple. Apple came up with the only phone available on the market which features no chins, and we are talking about the iPhone X. This phone as an OLED panel made by Samsung which at the bottom curves inside the frame of the phone. However, this type of design was also approached by the Cupertino-based tech giant, and Samsung is not so likely to license it.

As the South Korean company has also been working on the 5G technology, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 trio might feature it along with a 3D camera which will be even better than iPhone X and Xiaomi’s Mi 8.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain might host the release of this series which will be announced at the beginning of 2019, but it is still yet to see.

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