The New Apple Watch Will Have a Built-in LTE

Bloomberg says that Apple is planning on releasing their Apple Watch this year that has LTE built-in. This news with LTE integration will let users leave their iPhone at home and go out with their Apple Watch, having a full functionality without the phone being around. The watch had to be until now in range of an iPhone so that it would receive notifications, make calls or do other tasks.

There are many details that haven’t been found out. Apple might release two models of the same new watch: one with LTE and the other without it. They have done this with their iPad which can come with a cellular service or without one. The new watch might need a data plan and will probably need to be connected to an iPhone, even though the phone won’t be close to the watch. Another issue would be battery life, since the Apple Watches last almost a day, imagine the new one with an LTE integrated and new data plans added.

Apple Watch Design Might Change

Until now, Apple didn’t change their watch designs and Bloomberg didn’t mention whether Apple will keep the same design or change it. There have been rumors though that the new watch might have a new design but we don’t know yet if it’s about this year’s Apple Watch or a future one. It would be great if the new watch will get slimmer, though!

September Will Bring an Updated Apple Watch & New iPhones

It is said that Intel will work on LTE modem for the Apple Watch. The most important LTE modem suppliers are Intel and Qualcomm. This means that Apple, being in a battle with Qualcomm over patents, brings the fight between the other two firms: Qualcomm and Intel, by choosing the latter.

The last addition to Apple Watches was last year in September, with a new GPS and water proofed watch.

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