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New 2020 iPhone Prototype with Thin Bezels and No Notch Leaked

iPadOS 13.1

The 2019 iPhone models are not selling at par with the past models of the iPhone. It is mainly due to the fact that the 2019 models do not have 5G support and there are hardly any new features when compared to the iPhone XS except in the camera department.

The 2020 iPhones are supposed to bring the iPhone sales back up with different rumors of Apple incorporating an under-display camera and an iPhone 4 like the design. Finally, a leak from Ben Geskin, a concept artist and leaker, highlights a prototype of the 2020 iPhone.

Geskin posted an image of the supposed iPhone 2020 on his Twitter account. The design features thin bezels with no notch. The camera module, however, is not under the display. It is crammed inside the thin forehead of the new iPhone.

The same area also features an array of sensors for the camera and depth sensors for Face ID. There is an array of various other sensors like an ambient light sensor, a proximity sensor, a flood illuminator and an infrared camera for Face ID in the dark. There is also a microphone module at the top of the device.

How Apple is going to cram all of these sensors and other modules in the thin forehead of the device is a nightmare to think of. However, this is still an unofficial prototype, which was created by the artist using the details provided by his source who sent messages to him in Chinese through the WeChat application. Ben Geskin has been successful in predicting the iPhone XR bezels in the past and is a credible source for Apple leaks.

The new iPhone is being called a condensed iPad Pro by people in the Twitter thread. It resembles the design aspects of the current generation of iPad Pro devices with no notch and thin bezels. The phone is supposed to have a 6.7-inch display with almost 100 percent screen to body ratio.

There were reports of Apple releasing 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch models of the iPhone in 2020 by a Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He also mentioned that the new iPhones will resemble the design aspects of the iPhone 4 with flat edges and a metal frame instead of the current rounded edges and glass backs.

At this point, everything is just speculation based on an unnamed source. We don’t have any official confirmation of an iPhone being available with this design. We are waiting for Apple to give us some kind of hint or official announcement regarding the 2020 5G iPhone models.

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